Wonju-si, South Korea – USF Going Places – Yonsei University

Hello, everyone! I've completed my 2nd week here at Yonsei University and I'm beginning to get the hang of student life here. Together with other exchange students at Yonsei, I've been exploring the country and figuring out what everyone likes to do for fun. This weekend, we travelled to Hongdae district in Seoul to shop [...]

Wonju-Si, South Korea – USF Going Places – First full week of class at Yonsei

Hello, and welcome back to my blog post detailing my experience here in Wonju-Si, South Korea! After dealing with issues of wifi and a dead laptop due to not having the correctly outlet, I just recently finished up my first full week here at Yonsei University where I've met quite a few Korean and international [...]

Wonju-Si, South Korea – USF Going Places – Introduction

Hello all! My name is Trevaughn Christian and here at the University of South Florida, I am a senior-standing Anthropology major who wants to focus on building cross cultural relationships. I have many passions, but nothing compares to how much I love learning about different cultures and films. With this in mind, I’ve decided to [...]

First Week Down!

First Week Down!

My first week in Florence has been nothing short of magical... seriously everything I hoped for in my experience abroad. Between late night out with friends, riding on the back of vespas, and the food (ohhh babyyyy the food!) I'm already experiencing exactly what I dreamed of. I finally started my routine each day with [...]