Adieu, London

A month has passed since I returned back to the states, and I can honestly say my time in London changed me for the better.  In the time since I’ve been back, I’ve been asked the same question countless times: “How was London?” I’ve pondered over this question for the last few weeks and I [...]

Back at USF!

I am back in Tampa and ready to start the new semester. I miss China and all the wonderful friends I made there, but I have been keeping in contact with them. What I miss most about China, other than being surrounded by Chinese language all the time and having the opportunity to meet a [...]

No Title

I am home. I am sick. But assuredly, I am no longer homesick. The homesickness wasn’t debilitating but it was enough to make me appreciate the sweatpants laundered with familiar, sweet-smelling fabric softener and the central air conditioning from which I write to you today. A lot has happen since the last time we spoke—or [...]