My Last Weeks Abroad : Fun Fact Edition #BullsMeetWorld

My Last Weeks Abroad : Fun Fact Edition #BullsMeetWorld

At this point, bulls have not just MET the world but are attached and intimate. My last weeks abroad have without a doubt been the most thrilling. The adrenaline rush to conquer my to-do list before I leave really played a role in this, along with visiting new cities of course! I had a FUN [...]


After three long and exciting weeks in Spain, I can say without a doubt that my experiences have shaped me and my view of the world. I learned the utmost value of immersive learning and how crucial it is to understand the culture of the language you are studying. By putting myself in a different [...]

Bienvenidos a todos! My name is KyAndre Holifield and I am a third year studying Spanish and International Business. I have a passion for love, culture, and foreign languages and I have the hopes of one day becoming an interpreter for the United Nations. This summer I have been blessed with the opportunity to study [...]


Hello, My name is Marisela Juarez and I am a junior at USFSP. To say that I am feeling excited about this trip is an understatement. Studying Spanish in Salamanca, Spain will offer me the most amazing and educational setting for the subject. As a Hispanic myself, I hope to become fluent in the language [...]