Thriving in the Land of Prayers and Snakes – Things I Wish I Had Known Going Into India

*To be fair, I didn't see a single snake during my trip, not even deep in the jungle.  A guide told me that I would have seen a bunch of them had I spent more time on the Eastern coast.   This past summer, I had the opportunity of a lifetime for someone in my [...]

Reflecting on Northeastern India in the Himalayas

Blog originally posted to link below: A big part of studying social work is the constant reinforcing that we are never done learning. People grow, new concepts are learned, and we as a result are constantly re-framing what we know as clinicians, service providers, etc.. The experiences learned thus far really targeted this core [...]

Day 10 – Dibrugarh University – Dibrugarh, Assam, India

Blog originally posted to link below: Meeting like-minded individuals within the Master of Social Work (MSW) program at Dibrugarh University was a momentous occasion along the trip. Just when we thought the journey had come to a fairly solid closure we began to experience so much more. Being able to talk to MSW students [...]

Day 9 – Back to Assam, India

Blog originally posted to link below: This was a day full of goodbyes. Goodbye to the staff and people residing at RIWATCH, goodbye to new friends made, and goodbye to the continual hands-on learning of the rural communities within Arunachal Pradesh. At this point in the trip it felt like our journey was mostly [...]

Day 8 – Last Day at RIWATCH

Blog originally posted to link below: Learning about one’s culture doesn’t just include their social challenges like discussed with the women’s empowerment group but also of their celebrations like with the Adi/Lhoba tribe. The importance of this celebration was evident in the ongoing festivities despite the down-pouring of rain that day. As stated, the [...]