Challenges Faced in Cuba While studying abroad in Cuba, I came across many unexpected challenges. I say unexpected because you can have numerous people tell you, or a training to prepare you, but you will never know how difficult the challenge is until you personally face it yourself. The first challenge I faced was the plumbing situation in [...]

Arriving in Cuba

Before my arrival in Cuba, I began to wonder what the island would look like. Everything I have heard about Cuba has been portrayed in a biased nature according to media within the United States. Being a communist country for an extended amount of time and having limited access to resources outside of the island, [...]

London Week Two!

Hi friends! If you’ve read my past entries than welcome back! If you’re just starting off then hello- my name is Samantha Wilkerson and I am currently on the USF in London trip. I am posting my experiences during my trip as well as my tips and recommendations for anyone who is thinking about going [...]