Tschüss, Deutschland and Hello Again, Florida: Reflection

I can’t believe the trip is already over; it went by so quickly! Complaining about it will not reverse time, so for this post, I’ll simply reflect on my experience and share a few facts I learned while abroad. Remember my second post where I briefly mentioned about the lack of air conditioning in Germany? [...]

One Day Trip to Trier: Germany’s Oldest City (#BullsMeetWorld)

Last Saturday, my friend Tatyana and I visited a friend of mine in Trier, the oldest city in Germany. To be honest, hearing how old the city was, I was not expecting much except for Roman ruins and empty streets. Yet, to my surprise, Trier far exceeded my expectations. For this post, I would like [...]

Germany’s Efficient Public Transportation System

For this post, I want to talk about the transportation system in Germany based on what I have observed so far. Germany has various transportation providers such as the InterCity Express (ICE), Flixbus, U-Bahn, etc. The transportation provider that my program uses is called Rheinbahn, which provides bus rides, trams, and local trains at certain [...]