Mount Kurama

The historical 鞍馬山 (Mount Kurama) is located in the beautiful city of Kyoto. Showered in such a rich history, Mount Kurama is said to be the home of Sojobo, The Tengu King. The breathtaking view from the top of the mountain makes it a popular tourist attraction for couples. I was lucky enough to visit Kurama-dera, [...]

Visiting Kyoto

Japan is full of beautiful places for sightseeing, and Kyoto is definitely not an exception! The city is rich in modern tourist attractions, while at the same time preserving its traditional Japanese history. Located about 4o minutes from Kansai Gaidai Universtiy, it is a hot spot for students to venture out to. I visited my first Japanese [...]

Time to Explore!

Dia dhuit! So last post I mentioned that for the first couple of weeks here, I didn't really have a set class schedule. This opened up my time to do some exploring around campus as well as in Limerick city. Honestly, I feel like I spent more time traipsing around and adventuring than I did [...]