Thoughts on Poland

For the past week I've been exploring the wonderful country of Poland. Starting with four days in Krakow and continuing with four days in Warsaw, you could say I'm obsessed. For a country riddled with horrific events and controversy, they sure own up to their history and try to make something beautiful out of it. [...]

Thursdays in Exeter

In every town there's a day that's filled with a bit more hustle and bustle than the others. The day when there are more people on the streets. The day when there are more people smiling and surrounded by loved ones. In Exeter, that day is Thursday. I've been trying to figure out exactly why [...]

Spontaneous Trips – A Semester Abroad Must-Do

Weekends in Exeter are what you make of them. It's a small town and university students don't really venture out when it isn't a weekday. "Locals Nights" they call it. Because of this, I decided that every other weekend, you can find me exploring somewhere new. This weekend; Cardiff, Wales. There are many factors that [...]