Week 11: Busan, South Korea: Florida is that you?

First Row: Haeundae Beach and Gamcheon Culture VillageSecond Row: Book Street and Lotte Mall Sky View Hello Everyone! This weekend I went to Busan here in South Korea! It was a long 5 hour bus ride from Chuncheon and then another hour subway trip to the coast where our place of residence was, but it [...]

Monoligualism in a Multilingual Environment (Living in Akita Pt.7)

 Since I’ve come to Japan and began speaking to various non-native English speakers, I’ve thought a lot about the status of English in the linguistic food chain. I think a lot of English speakers, especially in America, consider English to be an international language. Often considered a lingua franca in the modern linguistic climate, the [...]

Week 3: The Twelfth of July National Holiday

Another week goes by... as week 3 will be coming to an end. Our lectures this week differed on topics such as researching the everyday lives of asylum seekers and refugees in Ireland, shared education, engaging youth from divided societies, and our field trip to the breathtaking Antrim Coast of Giant's Causeway. Although, this week [...]