Week 3 & 4: Typewriters, Totoro, and a Korean Chicken Soup

Hello Everyone! Classes have started and so I have begun to adjust to my official schedule and studying. This week I was able to go to the National Hangul Museum, National Museum of Korea, and the I-Park Mall, which are all located in Yongsan, Seoul. The National Hangul Museum is a museum built telling the [...]

Week 2: Introduction to Classes and Seoul Myeongdong

Week 2: Introduction to Classes and Seoul Myeongdong

Greetings from Hallym University! Classes began this week with a similar add/drop system to USF making classes and times easy to navigate. Friday, March 1st was also a national holiday here in Korea called Samil, which celebrates the Samil Movement made by Koreans in resistance to the Japanese rule, therefore; everyone got the day off. [...]

Malaysia and Singapore: Engage, Connect, Listen, Learn, Grow

My name is Lindsay Stewart and I am in my fourth semester of the Master of Business Administration program with an emphasis in International Business. My goal is to work in the Pharmaceutical industry in a global general management role, where I can leverage my leadership, strategic thinking and people skills to help drive business [...]

Monoligualism in a Multilingual Environment (Living in Akita Pt.7)

 Since I’ve come to Japan and began speaking to various non-native English speakers, I’ve thought a lot about the status of English in the linguistic food chain. I think a lot of English speakers, especially in America, consider English to be an international language. Often considered a lingua franca in the modern linguistic climate, the [...]