Justice, Memory, and Truth: Exploring public spaces of memory in Argentina

This past week our group saw the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo march, visited the Parque de la Memoria, and took a tour of the former ESMA detention center. As you will read below, each of these experiences was extremely emotional for differing reasons. June 16th, Madres de la Plaza de Mayo The mothers of [...]

Stranded in Miami: What to do if your flight leaves without you

On Friday, June 9, my journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina began. My flight was scheduled to leave from Tampa International Airport at 7:35 p.m., however, there were difficulties boarding the flight due to technical errors in American Airline’s system. My group and I waited on the plane for almost an hour until the captain announced another [...]

Getting Ready for Takeoff: My First Journey Abroad

My name is Samantha May, and I'm a senior majoring in Political Science and International Studies and minoring in Womyn's and Gender Studies. Tomorrow night I'll be getting on a plane headed toward Buenos Aires, Argentina as a part of the Human Rights in Argentina program. This will be my first time abroad. and the [...]