Monoligualism in a Multilingual Environment (Living in Akita Pt.7)

 Since I’ve come to Japan and began speaking to various non-native English speakers, I’ve thought a lot about the status of English in the linguistic food chain. I think a lot of English speakers, especially in America, consider English to be an international language. Often considered a lingua franca in the modern linguistic climate, the [...]

Linguistics of Exploring Akita (Living in Akita, Pt.5)

Linguistics of Exploring Akita (Living in Akita, Pt.5)

 Since I’ve started to adjust to Japan and am feeling better, I’ve felt the need even more to explore around my locale. Fortunately, the route to Akita City from the school is fairly simple, fast, and not all too expensive if you can catch the right combination of trains and buses. We were able to [...]

A First-hand Account of a First-time Experience Abroad

Hello! Bonjour! Welcome to my personal post regarding my study abroad experience from this summer (2016). Let me first start-off by introducing myself. My name is Natalie Guerra. I am a third-year, Bio-medical Sciences major, who just completed her minor in French & Francophone Studies abroad! I strive to be a pediatrician -- able and [...]