Akita Sushi (Living in Akita, Pt. 10)

  I recently had another opportunity to explore around Akita, and was again pleasantly surprised. We started by going shopping around second hand stores; in Japan, there's a company called Hardoff which operates stores similar to goodwill, with donated secondhand goods (many of which were still unopened) for lower prices. Although I didn’t buy much [...]

Globalized Life (Living in Akita Pt.9)

   In a world where globalization is quickly and constantly snaking its grasp around the planet, it can be easy to forget what country you’re in; in a school whose demographics are on par with America’s diversity as a country, where classes are taught in English, where technology is balancing the average alongside America, with [...]

Cultural Differences (Living in Akita Pt. 8)

  Recently, I’ve been working on a paper for a class on Sociolinguistics pertaining to intercultural ideas of politeness and cultural norms, and it got me thinking about the subtle differences between cultures that don’t always come up. Having been in Japan for over two months now, I’ve had plenty of time to adjust to [...]