First Day in Florence

A day full of surprises.

A Dream Come True

Studying abroad in Florence―a dream come true.

Linguistics of Exploring Akita (Living in Akita, Pt.5)

 Since I’ve started to adjust to Japan and am feeling better, I’ve felt the need even more to explore around my locale. Fortunately, the route to Akita City from the school is fairly simple, fast, and not all too expensive if you can catch the right combination of trains and busses. We were able to ...



            I am pretty sure my family thought I was a little crazy after I came back from spending six weeks in Italy. I would be lying if I did not admit it myself: I had changed a bit. Maybe a lot. Well, it’s all relative!             After returning from Italy, I was in a ...



            A wise kid once said, “There is so much more things that we don’t know, but there is even more things that we don’t know we don’t know.” Confusing? I know! That is how I feel as I am finally processing my six weeks of studying abroad in Italy. Looking back, I thought I ...

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