Welcome Week for Freshers at the University of Exeter

Welcome Week for Freshers at the University of Exeter

Hello, everyone! This has been an amazing couple of weeks so far here at the University of Exeter! The week of welcome or Freshers Week, as they call it here, was probably one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had! The University of Exeter was committed to giving new students as much information [...]

When it Rains

The weather forecast for this week, via google. In Exeter, it usually doesn't pour. The British isles are famous for rain, however the annual precipitation in Exeter is actually less than that of Tampa. USF students are all familiar with the typical afternoon thundershowers in the warmer months, when hot sunny days will be briefly [...]

Freshers’ Week and First Impressions of Exeter

The famous Exeter Cathedral. There are usually fewer pirates here. All students new to Exeter arriving in the fall must arrive a week before classes begin to attend "Freshers' Week". I went in with very few expectations, and now I have only positive things to say about the student life and community at the University [...]