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During: Galápagos Galore!

Day #1- I’ve never gotten off a plane on the tarmac before…let me tell you it was absolutely exhilarating! I couldn’t help but take in the totally different biome that surrounded me. This was one I have never seen before. As we were walking to get inside, we saw three iguanas on the way in, […]

Week 6 – Back to Florida!

This was my final week here in Florence, and I am sad to say that I spent most of it preparing for final exams for my classes. I had two presentations and two essays to write for both of my classes and they were due on the same day! I think I did well on […]

Post London </3

Hi from Tampa! My post-London notes are a bit late as I immediately flew to Chicago for Lollapalooza after returning from the States. Here’s my list of goals from the beginning before I got to London: Take a picture at every One Direction Landmark Visit every stop mentioned in London Boy by Taylor Swift Drink […]

Week 4 in London!

Hi from London! The final week has finally unfortunately arrived. They really wanted to make sure we were getting ready to go home because we had the hottest days in UK history to prepare us for Florida weather. Monday wasn’t too bad because we were able to stay inside at the British Library where I […]

Week 3 in London!

Hi from London!!! Started my week of perfectly by going to a Carly Rae Jepsen concert very impulsively after back-to-back classes. I had such a great time seeing her with my friends at the coolest venue the Somerset House. She performed just around the time the sun was setting so it could not have been […]


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