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Nicole’s Adventures in Florence


And So the Adventure Begins

Studying Abroad in Paris Week 1

USF Dance in Paris, Here I Come!


Dancing in Paris!

Florence, I’m Ready for Ya!

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Wollaton Hall

First Week Down!

Getting to Know Locals

Weekend at Home



Me Before U…K

From Sweats to Shivers – A Florida Girl Takes England

A Week in London

Week 1 in Nottingham: Things to Takeaway and Things to Leave at Home

A Hobbit in England – Mental Health Abroad

Weeks 2 and 3: Futile Attempt at Organizing My Life

Spontaneous Trips – A Semester Abroad Must-Do

Week 4: Everything’s Better with Cats

Studying While Studying Abroad

Finding a Workplace Abroad – A Surprising Struggle

Exciting Things to Come

How to Make It in Nottingham 101

A Lesson Learned

Thursdays in Exeter

Journey of a Lifetime

Things They Never Tell You When You’re Studying Abroad

Thoughts on Poland

Making Time for Yourself – Solo Travel

Porto – The End of a Life-Changing Trip

Get to Know Me!

Before Leaving: My 1st Trip to Europe!!!!

A Whole New World: Unexpected Cultural Differences

Week 1: Expectation vs. Reality

Week 2: Balancing Schoolwork and Travel

The Night Before

Week 3: Tips to Live “La Dolce Vita!”

Before the Journey: Goals for My Experience

The Night Before: Musings of an Aspiring Food and Travel Journalist

A Busy First Week

The People of Florence

Week 4: Basic Italian Words and Phrases

Similarities and Differences

Une Affaire Francaise Avec Du Fromage

Week 5: #BullsMeetWorld

Week 1: Punting, Pride, and Pubs.

2 Days Away from Florence Departure

Hi, I’m Sabrina and I’m Going to Italy Today YeYeah

Florence, Here I Come!

Sighisoara, Romania: An Absolute Dream


Week 1 “Flavors of Germany”

BullsMeet World

Week 2 “A Royal Experience”

Week 2: Exploring My Roots

Florence Week One: The Motherland

Goodbye for Now

Week One in Florence

Ready to Go!!

Firenze, You Are So Beautiful

Money is Not an Excuse for Not Traveling

Post-Trip: New Experiences Coming


Bulls Meet World: Romania

Bulls Meet World: Pauline at the Marche Vernaison

Expanding My World

Before the Journey

What is that Heavenly Smell?

First Week: Wine and Balsamic Tasting

Balance: Study & Travel

Week 3: Books, Books, and More Books

Week Two: Branching Out

My First Week in Florence – Milan Pride

100 Things Italians Do Different

Week 6: #BullsMeetWorld

Second Week: The Opera & Hot Spots

The After Affects

Travel on a Budget

Week Three: International Mindset

Post-Study Abroad: Reminiscing about Florence

Education Around the World

Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Week Two Recap: Cultural Adaptation

Second Week in Florence

Goodbye, Cambridge

A Bull has Family Problems and Visits Stone Island

Week Four: There’s No Place Like…Florence

Venetian Excursion

Week Three in Italy!

Only the Best of Times: Week 4 has Ended

A Bull Stumbles into a Palace

A Quick Guide to Transportation in Europe

Week Five: Comfort Zone Reassessment

Heidelberg & European First Impressions

Fourth Week in Florence

Cooking in Italy

Final Week: Ciao for Now

Let’s Talk about Sustainability

Top 5 Lessons for a Puerto Rican Aspiring Food and Travel Writer

A Bull has a Busy Two Weeks

Traveling to Pompeii

Week 4: Soak it Up

After the Experience: What I Learned

100 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

#BullsMeetWorld: Be a Global Citizen

Florence: A Piece of My Puzzle

Bulls Meet…Runner from Sardinia

Bulls Meet…the Woman with My Dream Job

A Bull Goes to England

A Bull Returns to the Herd

My First Three Weeks Abroad #BullsMeetWorld

My Last Weeks Abroad: Fun Fact Edition #BullsMeetWorld

Post-Trip: Bringing Italian Culture Home

Fifth Week in Florence

Last Week in Florence

Reflecting on USF in Florence 2019

Meeting the World’s Most Famous Butcher

Making Friends at Mercato Centrale Firenze

On the Way to Exeter

Starting the Adventure: Exeter Exchange Program

Freshers’ Week and First Impressions of Exeter

When it Rains

Welcome Week for Freshers at the University of Exeter

The Mystery of Stonehenge

Exploring the Beauty of England

Expanding the Opportunities in the University of Exeter





Away I Go!

Out of My Comfort Zone and Into Paris!

It’s Been a Long Time Coming, But I’m Finally Here! Paris!

Wild Week One

Something New Every Day

Afro Queen in France Week 2

Foodie at Heart!

What No One Told Me About Paris

The Beginning

Weekend Getaways!

A Week in Seconds

One Month in Europe

How Paris has Influenced My Thought Process

Top 5 Cafes and Boulangeries


Art Across Paris


Beauty in Difference

Some Fresh Air in Berlin

Hello Versailles Hello Berlin!

A Day of Vitamin Sea

Introduction – Italy Study Abroad Spring 2018

It’s the Little Things

How My Host Mom is Changing my Life

My Visit to London and Other Things

Dia De La Mujer

What They Don’t Tell You About Public Transportation

Palazzo Vecchio and the Fierce Florentines

Italian Perspective on Mental Health Illness and Treatment

Food Culture in Italy

Las Ramblas, I’ll Meet You, We’ll Dance Around La Sagrada Familia

Parks Around Paris

Returning to the Sunshine State

Who Needs a Classroom?

March 8, 2018

Italian Adventures

Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

One Month Left in This Beautiful City

Art Art Palace Art (And Other Paris Hacks)

Picnic in Paris: A How to Guide

Changing Purpose

Meet Shar – A Dreamer and a Believer

Tourist in My Own Home

Bringing in Spring in Rouen!

First Few Days in London

First Few Day’s Journey in Italy

Bulls Meet World, Paris

Time Flies

Getting Ready for My Trip to Germany

Prologue: Paris and London

Walking in Dusseldorf

Germany’s Efficient Public Transportation System

Cinque Terre – A Place You Must Visit When in Italy


One Day Trip to Trier: Germany’s Oldest City (#BullsMeetWorld)

Introduction: Me and My Journey.

Arrivederci, Firenze! Till Next Time

Oh the Places You’ll Go – Florence, Italy

One Hemisphere to the Next


Let the Adventure Begin!

Florence Bound!

Skipping the Louvre

Tschuss, Deutschland and Hello Again, Florida: Reflection

Pre Departure Post & Introduction by Fouad Albadrasawi

Recycling in Germany

Week 1: Queen’s University Belfast

Week 1: Stepping Back in Time

Week 1: Exploring Italia

My First Week in Florence

Week 1 of Florence: Exploring the City

Adjusting and Reaching New Heights

Stormont and High Tea: Week 1

Week 2: The Long Road to Derry

“Peace” Walls: Week 2

Introduction to Me

Week 3: The Twelfth of July National Holiday

Week 2: A Healthy Balance of School and Travel

Talking to Locals: Week 3

Jam Packed Week 2 in Florence!

Intensive Third Week in Florence!

Week 4: #BullsMeetWorld

First Week in Florence!

The Last Few Days: Week 4

Week 3: Making Lifelong Friends

Week 4: How to Save Money While Traveling

Reflection: Home Sweet Home

Week 5: Rome-Ing Around

Second Week

Cinque Terre – Week 3


Winding Down!

Final Days!

Week 6: In Denial

First Week in London

London Week Two!

London Week Three!

Last Week in London!



A Dream Come True

First Day in Florence


Caught Up in Florence

Italian Public Transportation

Realizing the End is Near



Fourth Stop: The Making of Harry Potter #100DaysinUK

Until Next Time, Oxford! #100DaysinUK

Merry Christmas! #100DaysinUK

That’s a Wrap! #100DaysinUK

Living Through Sensations in Paris

Welcome to Paris!

Top 5 Things to do in Paris

Experiences Through a Weekend in Berlin

Mind the Gap!

Studying Abroad in Florence, Italy

Infinity of Choreographing

Corporate Culture in London

Best Cheap Eats for a Student Budget in Florence!

Learning for a Better World

We Are All Weirdos!

We Are Inherently Good People – A Reflection on the Westminister Attack

Favorite Florentine Markets!

Food Throughout Europe

Barcelona Barcelona Barcelona

A Month of “Lasts”

How Eiffel in Love with Paris

Primavera Springtime in Florence

How I Funded My Semester

Experiences of Traveling


Goodbye London, Hello World

Dancing in Paris

Rushing to Russia…My Daring Adventure

Starbucks and Stereotypes

Before I Depart to Spain…Let Me Introduce Myself

How a Tech Head Packs for London, UK!

Hola from Barcelona

Hola Espana!

Thank You, Paris!

History All Around

Managing the Metro


The Bull is About to Be In Paris

The Whole Picture

Why Hello There Barcelona!

My First Time Being Abroad

Roaming in Russia

New City, New Family

One Week Until the Time of My Life

Time to Head Home…¡Vale! (Okay)

An (Obvious) American in Paris

Before We Get Started, A Brief Introduction!

The City of White Nights

Advertising in France

Arrival to Paris

2 Days to Go!

Croissants, Here I Come.

Museums in Paris

Wonders of Italy: The Secrets Within Architecture

One Week Before Departure! OMG!

A Humble Student in Paris

Russian Flowers

Patriotism and the Great Patriotic War

The Struggles of Russian Women

Welcome to the Blog!


A Week’s Golden Closure

Sometimes All You Need is a Little Music

Is That Monroe? What I’ve Noticed So Far

Ethnic Groups in Russia

Met an Chat with A$AP Rocky and Russell Simmons Today!

Getting Ready to Go

Almost Time to Go!

Study Abroad in 3..2..1!!!!

Hitting All of the Notes

A Day ‘Till the Adventures in Italy Begin!

Monet’s Garden

I am Ready for Florence, Italy!

Cannes Take-Aways

A Classroom Away From Home

One and a Half Hours Until Departure!

Overall Take on Cannes Lions Creative Festival

Going Places Blog Post 1: I’m Going to Paris!

Week 1: I’m in Paris and It’s Great! I Love It Here!

Ciao, Hola, Kaixo, Bonjour, Hello Everyone!

Crazy Travels to Florence!!

An Ocean Away from Home

The Adventure of a Lifetime Begins!

Views in Paris

Salut Et Salut

Thoughts Before London

Week 1 in London! Here Come the Fish n’ Chips

Week 1 London! Fun Fun Fun!

Metro to Paris


Let the Agency Tours Begin

Street Graffiti and Snail Meaty

Couple Days and I’m in Love with London

What You Should Know About Common Ground

Skatepark Near the Louis Blanc

5 Things You Need to Do In Rome

Florence and Siena and Prato Oh My!

Week 2 in Italy!

Wake Up, and Smell the Gelato

The “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat” of the First Week

Firenze: A Love at First Sight

Field Trips Galore!

Remarkable First Week

Night in Paris

Let’s Get Lost

July 4th, Just Another Day in Paris

Fear = Conquered! Week 1 in Exeter, England

Week 2 in London! The Happiest of Times!

Leo Bernett

Advertisement for Musee de Cluny


Advertising Transcending Culture

Boat Tour in France

Things Have Changed

Great Experience with Fellow Bulls

First Surgery!

Bordeaux, Here I Come!

Observing My First Surgery

Week of Firsts and Top 5 Things to do in Venice in One Day

Italian Health Care and More!

Love is Love is Love

Balance Everywhere I Go

How Has Two Weeks Gone By?

Oh the Places You’ll Go!

15 Things I’ve Learned in 15 Days #Florence

Florence, Ferrara, Venice

Navigating Through London

Update from Florence!!

A Cup Calamari for the Books

Trip to the Vatican State!

Cinque Terre!

History, Public Health, and London

Times Flies When You’re Having the Time of Your Life!

Traveling in Italy: Easier Than Every Before

Free Time in the City

The Coolest Rocks Around

The Final Days…

Six Hours Behind

Palazzo Vecchio and Uffizi Gallery, Florence Italy

Peace, Views, and Paradise Near the Border of Switzerland

My Trip to Donatello Private Hospital

Laura Takes on Rome

Just a Small Pisa My Week

Some Amazing Sights!

Untold Stories of British History

Surgery Using a Robot?!

Hospitals, Surgeries, and Scrubs, Oh My!

Physician Observation Experiences

USF Physician Observation Experience

Cheers to an Amazing Month!

Halfway Through London

Just About Done… Sadly

Where One Door Closes, Another Opens


Science Galore!

Varying Cultures!

Starting to Wrap Things Up in Italy

The Adventures of Italy Continue!!


Hello Venice!


Ciao Italia!

Healthcare in Italy

How Energy is Used

Goodbye to Italy!



Pre-Italy Excitement

Why Am I Not in Deutschland Yet?

Week One of Living in Florence

The Beauty (and Gelato) of Italy

A Warm Quilt in a Rainy City

Excited Beginnings in France

“We Are One” in Frankfurt, Germany

Je M’Appelle Glorida

Montepulciano and Pienza: Cheese Pairing and …Twilight?

London Bound!

6 Easy Ways to Plan for Your Voyage of a Lifetime

The Fountainebleau

8 Things I Did Not Know About England

Getting Ready for Salamanca

Don’t Sweat the Travel Troubles, the Destination is Worth It

Venice and Pre-Departure Blues

Dining in Cambridge? Try These Places!

Stones, and Baths, and Castles, Oh My!

Rodin Museum

Back in America

Pre-Study Abroad Excitement

Going with the Flow: Two Weeks in Spain

A Summer in Florence: Introduction

Settling into Florence

A Perfect (Or At Least Amazing) Day in Cambridge

See Ya Later, London: Returning to Life in the States

Experiencing Art History in London in the Wake of Brexit

Exploring Germany: Cruises, Cathedrals, and Beethoven

Immersion in Madrid, Spain

Cambridge Bucket List

Berlin: So Much History, So Little Time

Reflections of France

Au Revoir, America

Weekend with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain and Pizza in Florence Italy

Ending with Eze

The Charms of Nice

I “Cannes” See Myself Living Here

A La Prochaine, Nice

By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea

Gosh, How I Love France!

A Month Down in Spain

A First-Hand Account of a First-Time Experience Abroad

Coco (Sans Chanel)

Nice, France How I Miss You

Trading the Flatness of Florida for the Hills of Nice, France

Nice, Je Ne Vais Pas Oublier Ce Que Vous M’a Appris.

Bye Bye Deutschland

Ten Cities, Two Countries, One Month

First Stop: London, UK #100DaysinUK

Passing Through London and Making Myself at Home in Ireland

Second Stop: Oxford #100DaysinUK

Toto, We’re Not in Florida Anymore

Time to Explore!

Exploring the Aran Islands

It’s Official! #100DaysinUK

Keeping the Study in Study Abroad #100DaysinUK

Third Stop: Brighton #100DaysinUK



Semester in Florence, Italy

Carnevale di Venezia

Rome for Valentine’s Day

Weekend in Barcelona

Verona: The True City of Love

Florence’s Secret Bakeries

Florence’s Living Statues

Espana — Dejando En Ocho Dias (8 Days Until Spain!)

Going to Paris in 4 More Week!

The Florence Countdown

Five Days Till Florence…


From Florida to Florence

Ciao America!

Madrid Bound — Airplane Thoughts

Madrid and Toledo Adventures

Florence: The First Week

A Great Start to Studying Abroad

One Week Down in Florence, Italy


Double Trouble (and a Bucket List)

Madrid and Barcelona

Visiting the Vatican and Ancient Rome

Florence Week Two: Lucca, Pisa, and Switzerland!


Discover Florence

Early on Thursday Morning

Halfway Done

Florence Week 3: Cinque Terre and Roma

The Mighty Mount Vesuvius and Amalfi Coast

Dancing in Paris, Week 1

But Above All Else, Be Weird.

Me Encanta Espana ❤

Notre Dame Cathedral

Adios America, Hola Spain!

May 12, 2015

May 18, 2015

Vladimir and Suzdal — May 22nd & 23rd

Cold War Bunker — May 25th

Palace of Versailles

Day 1 May 31 Arriving to Paris on June 1

Paris Summer 2015!!

Day 2 in Paris

Top 10 things to Do Whilte Studying in Florence

Espana — Weekend Travels

Prague and Munich

8 Travel Tips for Traveling Around Europe

Dancing in Paris — Week 2

The Floating City of Venice

Hungry in Paris

Top 5 Things Study Abroad Has Taught Me

One Week Here and I Already Want to Move Here

Florence: The End is Near

The New Reality

“The World’s Largest Grave”

Adios Salamanca!

Paris in a Day? S’il Vous Plait!

Cinque Terre and Monterosso: The Northern Coast

Y ‘Ole

Merci Au Revoir

Saying “Arrivederci” to Firenze…

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Arrivederci Firenze!

Dancing in Paris — Week 3

Love at First Sight

Art Art Art!!

The Beauty of Parks

Dancing in Paris — Week 4

I Do Not Want My Time Here to End

Favorite Photos from Time in Florence

Weekend Adventures

10 Things to Pack & Tapas

Have London Pass, Will Travel

Land of the [Gluten] Free

You Need to Know

Is This Real Life?

Reflecting on My Time in Florence..

When Do I Get to Go Back?

After Dancing in Paris

“Did Thee Feel the Earth Move?”

Back to Reality…

13 Hours Later

Going [With] P[eople]

Trip to Barcelona

Est-Ce Que C-Est Vrai? Je Suis Alle En France

What a Nice Experience

Where to Next?

No Title

To Paris from Florence

Adieu, London