Arrival in Marburg!

I wasn't too worried about the journey to Germany but I'm happy to share that everything went smoothly anyway! I had a connecting flight in Charlotte and rain delayed the departure from there. However, the delay wasn't announced until after we boarded the plane so we ended up just sitting on the plane for an [...]

My Last Weeks Abroad : Fun Fact Edition #BullsMeetWorld

My Last Weeks Abroad : Fun Fact Edition #BullsMeetWorld

At this point, bulls have not just MET the world but are attached and intimate. My last weeks abroad have without a doubt been the most thrilling. The adrenaline rush to conquer my to-do list before I leave really played a role in this, along with visiting new cities of course! I had a FUN [...]

My First Three Weeks Abroad #BullsMeetWorld

A stay-in home day? Yeah no… we don't know her. Studying abroad has involved constant moving around and traveling. You know the drill: class in the days, Florence in the night, and spontaneous trips on the weekend. In my first three weeks abroad I visited Pisa, Lucca, Cinque Terre, Bagni de Lucca, Rome, and Paris [...]