Thank You, Paris!

It's been nearly one week since I've returned to the U.S., and honestly, I have been putting off writing my final blog post because to me this post concludes my study abroad experience. I am not ready for this chapter of my life to end, but when I reflect on the past four months abroad, I [...]

Goodbye London, Hello World

Our twenties are the most defining years of our lives. We are no longer enshrouded under the refuge of an adult. We are the adult. Sacrifices and decisions are made during this paramount decade of our lives. Our education, careers, religion, values, and even our friendships are all on the line. We begin to see the world embroidered with all its beauty along with [...]


Negotiation between people can be a difficult thing. After working with Nadine Beaulieu through a 3-day choreographic workshop in a 13th-century building in Rouen, I found myself coming out of the workshop frustrated and agitated with my peers. One of the main focuses of this workshop was working with the idea of negotiation with other [...]