Roaming in Russia

Здравствуйте друзья! Over the last week (okay over the entirety of this trip) I have traveled to places most people dream of but very few go. Specifically, this week we have visited Suzdal and Vladimir. These cities show a new facet of Russian culture.   During the Medieval Ages both Suzdal and Vladimir served as [...]

Managing the Metro

Здравствуйте друзья! It travels to and from the major organs of the city- from Moscow State University to the Church of Christ the Savior. It transports the thousands of the cellular bodies throughout the city. It runs from the furthest extremities to the core. It is the lifeline of Moscow's hustle and bustle. It is [...]

Rushing to Russia..My Daring Adventure

Здравствуйте друзья! Hello Friends! Before we move forward, I would like to take the time to say hello. My name is Sierra Francis, and I am a senior at the University of South Florida studying Political Science and International Studies. Thanks to the generosity of President Genshaft and Mr. Greenbaum, donors of the Genshaft/Greenbaum Passport [...]