Week 1 - So I’m writing this from the perspective of a Floridian who has spent his most of his life living in Florida cities. Something I noticed this week while we’ve been out and about visiting different places on our itinerary is the prevalence of alternative methods of transportation. While efficient mass transit may [...]

Week 1 “Flavors of Germany”

The first week of this adventure has been a fantastic journal full of new experiences. For my study abroad, the program “Doing Business in Europe” we spent the first week between in Munich, Stuttgart, and Amsterdam. What comes to mind when you think about German Cuisine? For me, it is delicious sausage, and beer, lots [...]

The Night Before: Musings of an Aspiring Food and Travel Journalist

That was the moment, less than two years ago, that I completely changed my life course. That was the moment that I realized my true calling was to travel the world, eating and learning throughout every country, and to share those experiences with the world. That is the moment when I decided I wanted to become a Food and Travel Journalist.