Week 15 & 16: Bulls Meet World: Dorm Edition

Hello Everyone! We have begun studying and taking finals in Korea. And, instead of writing about exams, I thought I would share some of the nicest people I have meet while I was in Korea. People that I happened to meet in my dorm (lucky me!)! Kim Hyeju, Ja Gyeong, and I! These two girls [...]

Financial Aid and Study Abroad

Financial Aid and Study Abroad

Lots of students think about studying abroad every year, but so many get deterred due to the price tag associated with a study abroad experience. Well, just like the rest of your college experience, paying for a study abroad experience is manageable with the right tools and information. One thing students don’t always know is [...]

Getting Started with Education Abroad – Thinking About Funding

Getting Started with Education Abroad –  Thinking About Funding

So you want to study abroad, huh? First things first: you’ll want to pick a program, or at least have a general idea! To do so, check out or website here. You can search for programs by location, time of year, or even courses that you want to take. If you are not seeing something [...]