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Wellness and Mental Health Abroad

  After the initial high of being bombarded with new stimuli in my study abroad home country, I started to feel isolated. My work plan was going well but going home each day without contact with my regular community was saddening. Being self-aware and understanding these feelings made me more deliberate in my actions to ...


Pudding and Souse and Macaroni Pie

  Pudding and Souse is a Barbadian (Bajan) food that is scrumptious. I would have never though to combine these items but my oh my it tastes so good. Most Bajans eat Pudding and Souse every Saturday for lunch. Today I joined in this tradition at the Castaways Restaurant in St. Lawrence Gap and was ...


Pre-Departure Needs: Passport? Check!

Hello, My name is Wainella Isaacs. I’m a USF alum (see pic below), and also a current student in the Environmental Engineering PhD program at USF. For Summer 2018 I’ll be conducting field work on the beautiful island of Barbados for a Water Sector Resilience Project. For 6 weeks I’ll be attached to the local ...