Green Team

One thing I have really come to admire about Australia is its sustainable efforts. Everywhere I go, I never fail to notice what businesses are doing to curb their impact on the environment. In almost every restaurant I have been to, water is provided at room temperature and with no ice. Also, I have not [...]

Go Dragons!

From movies on the lawn to school sponsored club nights, there are no limits to what Deakin will do to make sure its students are having the best experience possible. One of my favorite things I have done so far was during the first week I was here. I participated in a beach welcome trip [...]

Back to School!

First week of school was a success (mostly)! Okay, so remember that class I mentioned in my previous blog Love, Sex, and Death? Well, silly me thought the class would be based in science. Not entirely sure why I thought that because now knowing that it’s a philosophy class, it makes a lot more sense [...]



Couple of things to note: I am studying in Melbourne, Australia (pronounced MEL-BEN)The date of my post reads February 23rd, 2019. In the USA we format the date as (MM/DD/YYYY). However, in Australia, it is formatted as (DD/MM/YYYY). Also, I am a whopping 16 hours ahead, so although the post date states Friday the 22nd, [...]