Week 3 & 4: Typewriters, Totoro, and a Korean Chicken Soup

Hello Everyone! Classes have started and so I have begun to adjust to my official schedule and studying. This week I was able to go to the National Hangul Museum, National Museum of Korea, and the I-Park Mall, which are all located in Yongsan, Seoul. The National Hangul Museum is a museum built telling the [...]

The we versus I culture: putting relationships first

Throughout my time in Malaysia, the one thing that really stood out to me about the culture is their emphasis on building relationships. Personal relationships are incredibly important in all Asian cultures, but especially in Malaysian culture; it is all about the collective rather than the individual. Before I left for Malaysia, I made plans [...]

Week 2: Introduction to Classes and Seoul Myeongdong

Week 2: Introduction to Classes and Seoul Myeongdong

Greetings from Hallym University! Classes began this week with a similar add/drop system to USF making classes and times easy to navigate. Friday, March 1st was also a national holiday here in Korea called Samil, which celebrates the Samil Movement made by Koreans in resistance to the Japanese rule, therefore; everyone got the day off. [...]

Malaysia and Singapore: Engage, Connect, Listen, Learn, Grow

My name is Lindsay Stewart and I am in my fourth semester of the Master of Business Administration program with an emphasis in International Business. My goal is to work in the Pharmaceutical industry in a global general management role, where I can leverage my leadership, strategic thinking and people skills to help drive business [...]