Obligatory Eiffel Tower shot Paris is a city defined by aesthetics. It's gargantuan landmarks, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame Cathedral all probably come to mind at the first mention of the city. The orderly boulevards and Haussmannian buildings which surround them come next. But Paris is somewhat unique for the ubiquitousness [...]


Reading week at the University of Exeter is a week free of classes given to many undergraduate students with the intention of preparing for end of November deadlines. I took advantage of this opportunity to travel to London and Paris, avoiding any useful work. Because I have too much to say about each, I will [...]

When it Rains

The weather forecast for this week, via google. In Exeter, it usually doesn't pour. The British isles are famous for rain, however the annual precipitation in Exeter is actually less than that of Tampa. USF students are all familiar with the typical afternoon thundershowers in the warmer months, when hot sunny days will be briefly [...]

Freshers’ Week and First Impressions of Exeter

The famous Exeter Cathedral. There are usually fewer pirates here. All students new to Exeter arriving in the fall must arrive a week before classes begin to attend "Freshers' Week". I went in with very few expectations, and now I have only positive things to say about the student life and community at the University [...]