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Realizing the End is Near

As my semester abroad is coming to a close, I am finding it hard to believe that it’s actually over. Living in Italy for the past four months has been both what I expected it to be and completely not. I have been pleasantly surprised by some things and slightly disappointed by others, but it ...

Italian Public Transportation

One thing that has been particularly great about studying abroad in Florence is easy access to public transportation. Back home in the United States, we often lack reliable options for public transportation. However, in Italy, between busses, trains, and metros, there are so many options to help you travel around on a budget. Taxis, Ubers ...

Caught Up in Florence

This semester has shaped up to be by far the most unique of any semesters I’ve experienced so far. Though I suppose that was to be expected considering it’s being spent abroad in Florence, it still is surprising at times. As weird as it sounds to read—it feels even more strange to write, I can ...

First Day in Florence

A day full of surprises.

A Dream Come True

Studying abroad in Florence―a dream come true.