Heading Out!

The Trip There – A Short Stop in Seoul

Arrival and After

Kansai’s Campus


Wolves in the Wilderness

Intro: Let’s Go Seoul Searching


Bulls Meet World: Host Mother

Bulls Meet World: Collage Colleague

Return & Recap



Going to Hallym University


Week 1: And so the Journey has begun!

Malaysia and Singapore: Engage, Connect, Listen, Learn, Grow

Week 2: Introduction to Classes and Seoul Myeongdong

Back to School!

The We vs. I Culture: Putting Relationships First

Week 3 & 4: Typewriters, Totoro, and a Korean Chicken Soup

Week 5: Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Week 6: Finally the Flowers will Bloom!

Week 7: A Story of History, Traditional Wear, and Cherry Blossoms!

Building a Strong Team: Keep it Real

Go Dragons!

Week 8 & 9: Coffee in South Korea: Always a Short Walk Away!

Week 10: Home Sickness

Green Team

Week 11: Busan, South Korea: Florida, is that you?

Week 12 & 13: School Festival


Week 15 & 16: Bulls Meet World: Dorm Edition

Angelica, No Angie. Wait, Ange?

Week 17: Food in South Korea

The Five Places to Eat in Melbourne

Real Life Rock Star

End of a New Journey: Start of a New Page

In the Land Down Under



Asia – Japan Study Abroad Spring 2018: Self Introduction

Week 1: Traveling to Japan and First Experiences

Week 2: New Travels and New Foods

Week 3 – Trip to Kyoto, Japan

Week 4: Snippet of My Life Studying at Kansai Gaidai University, Japan

Week 5: Enjoying Kobe and My Host Family in Japan

Week 6: My Osaka Excursion

Week 7: A Week of a Couple “Firsts”

Week 8 Japanese Doll’s Day, Food, and More

Japan Spring Break – Part 1

Japan Spring Break Part 2

Spring Break Part 3 (:

Week 12: Nara Trio Trip

From Host Student to Host Parent: Sharing the Joy

Traveling to Kyoto with Hazuki

Japan Study Abroad Spring 2018: Self Introduction

Expectations – Fukuoka Bound

USF Japan Study Program Summer 2018 Introduction

Japan Week 1: Shinto Shrines and the Peace Memorial

Week 1 in Japan: Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and Beppu

Week 2 in Japan – Beppu, Hiroshima, and Kyoto

Week 2 in Japan: Beppu, Hiroshima, and the Beginnings of Kyoto

Why I Chose a Transfer Program in Seoul

Week 3 in Japan: Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, and the End of the Trip in Tokyo

My Last Week in Japan – Kyoto and Tokyo

What I Learned My First Two Weeks in Seoul

BullsMeetWorld – Hiroshima – Nakamichi Nobuhiro

My Experience with Classes in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Subway 101

Reflection – Remembering My Experience

10 Phrases to Survive in Seoul

Vietnam Bound

How to Deal with Fear while Abroad

Getting through the Week (Living in Akita, Pt. 3)

Part 1: Introduction and First Few Weeks in Japan

Health Abroad (Living in Akita, Pt. 4)

Linguistics of Exploring Akita (Living in Akita, Pt. 5)

Togetherness in Japan? (Living in Akita, Pt. 6)

Monoligualism in a Multilingual Environment (Living in Akita, Pt. 7)

Cultural Differences (Living in Akita, Pt. 8)

Globalized Life (Living in Akita, Pt. 9)

Akita Sushi (Living in Akita, Pt. 10)

Bulls Meet World #1 (Living in Akita, Pt. 11)

(Not) Living in Akita, Pt. 12

One Final Bout (Living in Akita, Pt. 13)

Bulls Meet World 2 (Living in Akita, Pt. 14)

Finals (Living in Akita, Pt. 15)

The Return (Living in Akita, Pt. 16)



My Last Month

Back Home

Aussies and Politics

Let Me Introduce Myself

Dreaming of Japan

The Great and the Forbidden

China Never Forgets!

I Just was Adopted Abroad

The Competition is Great

Bulls are Big News

Week 1: Culture Shock, Perspective, and Unparalleled Beauty

Taierzhuang: A Bridge to Victory

Evidence of German Influence in China

Before Studying Abroad in Seoul

Week 2 and 3: Inner Peace, the Big City, and the Final Chapter

Tai Chi, Taoism, and Tea

ISM India June 2017

First Week in Seoul!

Learning and Giving Back in China

On Top of World! My Adventure on Mount Tai Shan

Time to Pack and Say Goodbye China

Being a Vegetarian in Seoul

What an Amazing Summer!

Busan & Beaches

India ISM Summer 2017 Sites Visited

India ISM 2017: Reflection on India

India ISM 2017 – Academic Learning

Thriving in the Land of Prayers and Snakes – Things I wish I had Known Going into India



Sayonara, Florida: Off the Plane and on to Television in Osaka, Japan

Anything You can do, Japan can do Better

MedAussie: See You Later, Alligator

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Host Family when Studying Abroad

MedAussie #1: Got a Smoke Mate?

MedAussie #2: The Waistband Dilemma

MedAussie #3: Commotion on the Playground

MedAussie #4: Reflecting Back

Anticipation: Onward to Beijing

Who am I?

Day 1: Delhi, India – The Beginning

Day 2 – Rahi and Guru Vishram Old Age Home – Delhi, India

Traveling from Delhi to Assam, India – Day 3

Day 4 – Assam to Arunachal Pradesh, India

Day 5 – Riwatch Arrival – Roing Arunachal Pradesh, India

Day 6 – Riwatch

Day 7 – Riwatch, Continued

Day 8 – Last Day at Riwatch

Day 9 – Back to Assam, India

Day 10 – Dibrugarh University – Dibrugarh, Assam, India

Reflecting on Northeastern India in the Himalayas

Tsingtao Beer Museum: An Insight to Imperialism in China

China’s Public Schools Foster Innovation in Young Students

My First Homestay Family Experience in China

Belief Systems in China

A Few Tips in Chinese Etiquette

Off to Kansai Gaidai University in Japan

KGU Study Abroad Part 1: Typhoons in Tokyo

KGU Study Abroad Part 2: Kyary in Kyoto

Where do I Start?

It’s the Little Things in Life

KGU Study Abroad Part 3: Hustle and Bustle Everywhere

Visiting Kyoto

Exploring the Japanese Countryside with My Host Family

Halloween in Japan (Namba/Shinsaibashi)

Mount Kurama



Take a Journey through Japan with Me!

Kansai Gaidai Life

A Day at Fushimi Insari Shrine

All Work and No Play

Spring Break in Japan

Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

The Semester End Rapidly Approaching

Golden Week in Japan

Attending a Buddhist Hoji (Funeral Service for the Deceased)

Two Days to Japan!

Going to China Today!

First Week in Qingdao

Journey to Miyajima

Exam Week!

Nagasaki and Daishinin Temple!

Goodbye Japan, Back to Tampa 😦

Kansai Gaidai Graduation and Beyond

Brisbane, the City Surprises Me

Experiencing Japan Summer 2015 Edition!

First Week of My Internship

My Birthday in China!

Week 1 in Japan

Week 2 & Week 3 Changes

Ninjas, Dancing, and Manga! Oh My!

South Korea, Here I Come!

Introduction: Three Weeks in Vietnam!

Week 3 in Japan

Week 4 in Japan


Final Banquet

Xi’an Study Tour!!

Pictures from China!

Traditional Attractions of Seoul

Week 4, 5, 6, & 7 – New Adventure

Almost to the End

Week 6 and Week 7 – Victoria Tourism Conference in Melbourne

Last Week in Japan

Drinking and Smoking Culture, Korean Idols, and Trickeye Museum

I Leave in How Many Days?

How to –> Pack Like a Pro

Starting a New Adventure at Kansai Gaidai!

Back at USF!

5 Days in Korea

“Magic” Straight Perm in Korea

The Struggle is Real Sometimes

Delicious Desserts in Korea

Winter is Coming to South Korea