Going Places is a student-written blog featuring undergraduate and graduate students from the University of South Florida participating in various study abroad programs for either the summer, a semester or a year. If you’ve ever been curious as to what life is like while studying abroad, check through the many posts for an inside scoop on the programs, tips for traveling, stories of cultures combining and more.

USF’s Education Abroad Office offers a variety of study abroad opportunities for students and faculty in more than 30 countries, including: semester exchanges, summer and short-term programs, international internships and service learning. Programs range from one week to one year and award academic credit. Education Abroad facilitates the incoming and outgoing exchange process and works closely with our international partner universities to develop new academic programming and exchanges.

The Education Abroad Office provides extensive planning assistance for both students and faculty program leaders, including pre-departure orientation sessions. The staff members have extensive experience in study abroad and are able to offer seasoned, insightful advising and information to anyone considering or planning a study abroad experience.

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