Post 5: Week 4 in Florence | Starting my Second Class

Hey everyone! So last week my second class started. It’s called the Florence Food and Culture Experience, and so far it has been a lot of fun. We learn about food, wine, and culture and cook most days for the second half of class. We’ve made pasta a couple times, tiramisu, and biscotti, and we’ve tried 6 different wines! I’m glad I took this class because it’s a nice break from difficult course materials. I have found it a little hard to keep up with both of my classes at times though, especially with weekend trips.

Speaking of weekend trips, let me just tell you all about this weekend’s “excursion”. We were supposed to meet our roommates in Sorrento, but in order to get there you have to take a train to Naples then a subway to Sorrento. We checked the subway times, and we had an hour of space between when our train from Florence got to Naples and when the last train to Sorrento was (about 10:40pm). We got to the Naples train station and it immediately felt a little bit off. It was late at night too which just added to the anxiety. We started searching for the subway area and we tried to get tickets for the subway we needed. The man at the ticket office spoke very little English, but we used a translator app to help us out. He was telling us to get on a different subway than the one we wanted, then to take a bus to Sorrento. We were confused and didn’t want to get stuck somewhere we didn’t know, especially at night. We asked more people and we were getting mixed answers about how we could get where we needed to do. Multiple subway conductors passed us in the train station telling us there were no more subways that night. At this point I was freaking out because the station was scary and it was getting pretty late. Our options were to try to find a hotel (about 100 euro for one night) or try to get back to Florence. I struck gold when I found a bus that went from where we were straight to the center of Florence for only 25 euro. We booked the tickets and by 11:1pm we were on our way back to the place we know. We got back at 5 in the morning and slept most of the next day. Every trip I’ve taken has resulted in some sort of mess like this. I think it’s a sign that it is time to go home!

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from this weekend. The whole situation was really stressful and that stress stayed for a while.

Next weekend is our last weekend in Italy. We’re taking a day trip to Rome on Saturday, let’s hope nothing goes wrong!

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