Post 4: Capri, Amalfi Coast, and Pompeii

Last weekend I had probably the most crammed but exhilarating trip that I will ever have. My friend and I did a trip where we stayed in Sorrento and would travel during the day to Capri, Amalfi coast, and Pompeii in three days. We stayed in a hostel and were lucky enough to get paired together with just one other girl who was extremely nice. The rest of the group we travelled with seemed to be satisfied with only three hours of sleep at night but my friend and I were content to be the old ladies of the group who retired to our room at 8:30pm to be ready for the next day’s early start.

Exploring Capri was our first trip and it ended up being an adventure to say the least. We spent the first two and half hours of our day relaxing on the beautiful beach and walking around to the little shops. Once we felt we’d explored the area enough, we decided to be bold and go to the Piazzetta which we thought would be a quick 10 minute walk with a slight incline. Once we got to the top we were able to register that we technically scaled a mountain in thirty minutes and didn’t die. We took beautiful pictures, got some cokes, and started to head back. The problem was that my Apple map was trying to send us straight into the sea to get to the harbor. We had to try and retrace our steps which, long story short, had us go down huge flights of stairs to reach dead ends just to go back up flights of stairs to other dead ends. But we some how made it to the harbor with just 90 seconds (not exaggerating) to spare before the ferry left.

Amalfi: The next day was to beautiful Amalfi. My friend and I got a good 12 hours of sleep due to the exhaustion after Capri and woke up with stiff and sore muscles. We still made the most of our day touring the stunning Duomo and walking the calming coast. (We kept the harbor in our sight line the entire time due to the day before.) We ate gelato, bought some cute knickknacks and tried to stay as cool as possible. That night we were even up to checking out Sorrento at night which was quite beautiful.

This was the day I was the most looking forward to. We had a guided tour by a super knowledgeable and sweet guide who took us through the coolest sights in Pompeii and we even saw a petrified person up close (sounds odd to say) which really emphasized how much in stature humans have grown over the centuries. The guide also talked about how they had a version of fast food and she called it “the first McDonalds.” This was also the day we headed back to Florence which I was also very excited about. I loved the trip but it made me appreciate Florence and it’s more bearable weather and more walkable lifestyle.

If anyone were to do this type of trip I would recommend looking very carefully at what costs were included. We know others who paid less for more luxuries as we stayed in a hostel and spent more on meals than expected. But it didn’t ruin the experience luckily and, in the end, I would still recommend doing something like this because I have a lot of great memories that I’ll cherish!

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