Post 4: Week 3 in Florence | The Long Weekend

We have officially made it three weeks in Florence. If I’m being completely honest, I’m not enjoying my time here as much as I thought I would, which is totally okay. I set my hopes really high and I have just been so homesick. On top of that, it has been harder than I thought to stay caught up with school work. I’ve always had trouble with trying to balance school and fun, and lately the balance has been fully tipped towards school. I still take trips on weekends (which I’ll get into later), but it’s just hard to have fun when I’m constantly thinking about when I can get my next study session in.

This past Saturday, my roommate and I took a trip to Bologna and Modena. We started in Bologna and we ended up getting there before most of the city was awake, so there wasn’t much foot traffic. We stopped in a little cafe and had wonderful pastries and coffee. I got croissant that was stuffed with cream and strawberries and a cappuccino. After that, we left for Modena. We stopped at the Ferrari museum first, and it was really cool. There were two buildings, a cafe, and a gift shop. The museum was big and had many different models of Ferraris as well as many engines and models. I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in Modena! After Ferrari, we went the the great opera singer Pavarotti’s house and museum. I learned about him in one of my classes in the spring and it was incredible to see where he lived and died. After that, we headed to a cheese factory. The factory part was closed but the shop was still open. I bought some balsamic vinegar for my family, and a container shaped like a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano. That was all for Saturday, and I took Sunday as a day to rest and study.

Monday we took a trip to the mountain town of Montepulciano. Scenes from Twilight: New Moon were filmed there which is the main reason I wanted to go. The bus ride up through the mountains was beautiful and the town was literally at the top. The city is built on hills so my legs were definitely sore the next day. I really enjoyed my time there because it was much more peaceful than many of the cities I’ve visited so far.

This weekend we’re going to the Amalfi Coast, so I’ll post the pictures next week!

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