Week 3 of study abroad!

Hi everyone! This third week was very eventful for me. First, I had my three-week class end for my program and I had the final, so throughout the week, I was busy studying for that and a quiz in my other class. However, finally, the end of the week came and everything turned out well, so now I am just looking forward to having only one class so that I can enjoy my days more! Luckily, I had a long 4 day weekend because there was no school on Monday, so my friend and I decided to venture outside of Italy and into the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is a country I have always wanted to go to, so this was a dream come true for me. We stayed in Prague and had a lot of fun during our time there. The architecture in the Czech Republic is stunning because it’s more of Medieval, gothic, and dark architecture and is mind-blowing! Also, the weather there was lovely because the whole time we were there it was in the 60s-70s, so we got a nice break from the hotness of Florence. In addition, the food there is delicious, it is hands down my favorite food that I have tried abroad. They have some famous dishes like beef goulash, fried cheese, and Trdelnik (which is a chimney cake with ice cream, don’t worry I will insert a picture). There is also a lot to do in the city like visit Prague Castle, walk through the Charles Bridge, visit neighborhoods within Prague, and see the Old Astronomical Clock Tower. In addition, the people there are really nice. I really loved the Czech Republic, I think it is a beautiful country, if anyone of you wants to go I say go for it because you will not regret it!

Beautiful Gothic architecture.
Old Astronomical Clock Tower.
One of their delicious dishes, fried cheese!
The view from the Charles Bridge.
St.Vitus Cathedral!
Basilica of St. Petri and St.Pauli
More of St.Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle.
The beef goulash!
The Trdelnik.

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