Week 2 in Italy!

Hi everyone! I left off last week’s vlog by saying that I was going to Pisa and Cinque Terre that weekend. Indeed both places were beautiful! Here are a few things I learned from my experience.

Pisa: This is a beautiful place with a lot of history. The nice thing about Pisa is that it can be done in one day or even half a day because everything is so close to each other. Obviously, the main attraction is the leaning tower of Pisa and I definitely recommend going up and getting to the top. The view up there is beautiful and the wind is wonderful. However, if you do decide to climb the tower, be sure to wear good shoes, as the floor is marble and you are leaning– i almost slipped!– so be careful!. My favorite thing about Pisa was getting to the top of the tower and the gelato. All gelato is good, but Pisa has some great gelato!

Cinque Terre: There is a lot to see in Cinque Terre. The place is way more relaxed and the weather is wonderful. Being by the water is super refreshing and the beach is beautiful. However, the “sand” of the beach is made up of rocks, not usual sand, so it can hurt your feet. My favorite thing about Cinque Terre was the amazing views, it was really calming to be surrounded by so much nature and water, so this is the place to be if you like both of those!

During this week as well I traveled to Milan and Vencie and here is a summary of my experience there!

Milan: Thus far, Milan has been my favorite city in Italy. Although one would expect Milan to be chaotic, it was actually not. The city has tons of areas to be able to sit back and relax while getting a great view. Also, it is very spacious so you do not feel congested. In addition, the shopping is so much fun and even looking at the stores without buying anything can be really fun as well. My favorite thing about Milan was their Duomo, it was absolutely stunning.

Venice: Venice is a city I have always wanted to go to and I am so glad I did. The fact that the city is on the water gives you a very unique experience. Another thing is, things can be a bit more congested because there is less space, but I think in the case of Venice it is fun because some of the roads are very tiny and it was a fun and unique experience. Obviously the most famous thing about Florence are the gondola rides, which are so much fun. I did not know how beautifully decorated the gondolas were, and this added to the experience. My favorite thing was the gondola ride (definitely do it) and getting to see the Murano glass.

While I did travel a lot this week to other parts of Italy I also want to give a brief description of my week regarding school. This week I was a bit stressed because I had my first week in my forensic psychology class. Thankfully I scored well on it, but it was still very nerve racking. Another cool thing I got to to this week was visit the Medici villas for my Cultural Intoduction to Italy class which was a wonderful experience because it was really cool to get an idea of the Medici lived and what their villas looked like. In addition, during this field trip we had dinner overlooking the Italian countryside which was a very unique experience because I am always in the cities, so it was nice to be on the countryside for the first time!

Anyway, my second week was really crazy and fun! If you are studying abroad or plan to in the future make sure you make the most out of every experience, go out there and explore all the beautiful cities in Italy. However, always make time for the school part of the experience, which can be really fun as well!

Here are a few pictures from my travels:

Pisa: Here is the church and the baptisery around the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Pisa: The main attraction!
Cinque Terre: the beautiful rocky beach!
Cinque Terre: the surreal view!
Cinque Terre: more amazing views!
Milan: the beautiful Duomo!
Milan: the famous luxury shopping corridor, it is fun to see!
Venice: views in Venice!
Venice: our beautiful Gondola!
All the sunflowers in the Italian countryside!
More views of the Italian Countryside!
One of the Medici Villas!

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