Galápagos Islands – Summer 2022: Pre-departure

Hello friends! I will start by introducing myself, my name is Aleah Bartosiewicz and I am a senior graduating at the beginning of August. My final credits will be completed through doing this amazing research based study abroad! Our focuses will include studying the giant tortoises and the impact invasive species are having on the environment. We will be departing later on this month and will be returning after about 10 days of research. I have prepared myself physically for the past few months in order to get the most out of this experience. Currently as a classes we are doing research and preparing presentations to help educate ourselves on the ecosystem of the islands and prepare us for what we will be observing while there. Unfortunately we will not have electronics for most of the trip while in the islands but I will update with photos and experiences as soon as I am able! I also pulled a photo from online to show the giant tortoises we will be working with.

(Google Images) I am very excited to work with these amazing giant tortoises! I will be sure to include photos obtained once I get to the islands in a few weeks.

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