Post 2: Week 1 in Florence | Getting Adjusted

Hey everyone! I have officially been in Florence for a week, and to be completely honest, it’s been really hard to adjust.

First, let me tell you about the plane journey. I got to TPA and met up with some of my fellow students and we waited together at the terminal. It was really hard for me to say bye to my family and I shed a view tears. Security was surprisingly fast, and before we knew it, we were boarding the plane! I noticed that my seat was different from the one I booked, so I was curious as to where I would be on the plane. I somehow ended up in business class. Do I know how it happened? No. Am I happy it happened? Yes. I was able to sleep 5 hours on the plane which pretty much eliminated jet lag when we landed in Frankfurt, Germany. We were in the Frankfurt airport for a few hours, and eventually boarded our plane to Florence. The second flight was a little rough but the scenery was beautiful.

We got to the Florence airport and met FUA staff at the exit. We all got our keys to our apartments and got in our taxis. At first we went to the wrong apartment. This one had an elevator and we thought we struck gold. Our actual apartment does not have an elevator. It is 8 flights of stairs. I had two 50 pound suitcases. Luckily our FUA guide helped us get our bags to the top of the stairs. Our apartment is fully furnished and it definitely has character…

I struggled with homesickness a lot the first week. I wondered if I made a mistake coming here, so far from family and friends. I have definitely adjusted since then, and I am enjoying it here more now. Classes helped me create a schedule for myself and I found things that remind me of home.

My first trip out of Florence was this weekend, and my roommates and I went to Pisa, Italy. It was incredible to be there in real life. The architecture of the city was mesmerizing. We ended up climbing up the leaning tower which was definitely interesting. We sat at the top for over an hour enjoying the views and breeze. We then went into the cathedral there. It was built in 1092. I find it very hard to fathom just how long that building has been there and just how many people have been inside. I enjoyed getting out of the city for a bit and getting some fresh air. This upcoming weekend I’m planning on going to Bologna and Venice, so expect pictures and stories!

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