Week 1 in Italy

Hi everyone! I have officially made one week in Italy and I wanted to express how it has been thus far. This week my classes of Forensic Psychology and Cultural Introduction to Italy began. Luckily everything went well and my professors are really nice. Things are just so different here in Europe, even the schools, everything is just so beautiful. When I walked into the library of my school or one of my classrooms I was in awe, it looked like something from a movie. The fact that I get to have a class in such a beautiful place makes me enjoy going a lot more. Furthermore, this week I got to explore a lot more of Florence because my class Cultural Introduction to Italy has walking tours where we go to different places and discuss the history of the place. Through this class alone, I have gotten to see a lot more of Italy than I had seen on my own. For example, the class took us to Piazzale Michelangelo from where you can see the most beautiful view of all of Florence. We visited the Basilica Di San Miniato Al Monte, which is a very important church to a lot of the locals and we also got to learn about the history behind Palazzo Vecchio. In addition, through my own explorations, I have visited the area around the Duomo, which was so surreal to see and I still can’t believe my apartment is a 5-minute walk to the Duomo and that I walk past the Duomo almost every time I go out, I am very grateful to get to see such a beautiful place on a daily basis for the next six weeks. Overall, life in Italy has been really fun this past week and the more I get accustomed the more in love I fall with Florence. This weekend I am going to Pisa and Cinque Terre, so I will have pictures of that next blog!

The library of my school!
The classroom for my Forensic Psychology class.
Palazzo Vecchio
The view from Piazzale Michelangelo.
The beautiful Basilica.
The Duomo!!

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