Thinking about my time in Costa Rica

It has been a week now since I returned home from Costa Rica. After reflecting on my time there, I can say I learned a lot about Costa Rican culture and what kind of teacher I want to become.

The Costa Rican people are so caring and grateful. Everyone is so ready to give all they can offer to anyone. They are eager to strike up conversations with people they do not know. Everyone to them is a friend that they just have not met yet. I want to be able to treat everyone I encounter like that. I know I felt important there, so I want to make everyone feel important.

I aspire to become half as kind and helpful as the teachers I was able to work alongside. All the students I interacted with mentioned how much they love the school and feel safe there. The teachers provide their students a safe space where they can voice their opinions and share answers. At school back here, a lot of students do not feel safe at school, especially sharing their views. I want to be like the teachers I observed and make my students feel safe.

Overall, my time spent is something irreplaceable. I would not trade my time there for anything. Also, below is a picture from our last night!

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