Week 6: Elsa Trail and Diborrato Waterfall

During my last week here in Florence, I decided to dive deeper into the hidden gems of Tuscany. Through some research, I found a beautiful trail that ended up at a waterfall; I grabbed my roommates, hopped onto a bus, and off I was! The Elsa trail took about 45 minutes to complete, however the view made the time fly by. Throughout the hike, we gradually saw more and more bits of the river. In order to cross, there were rocks in the water with ropes that we had to climb over; it was quite the experience! However, once we got to the end of the trail, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The waterfall had to be one of the most stunning views I have ever seen with my two eyes. Right away, I got to picture taking and then hopped right into the water. The chilly yet refreshing water was clear as can be. It was quite challenging since we could not touch the bottom, however we swam and laughed the day away. I would 100% recommend this hidden gem to all visitors of Tuscany as it ended up being one of my favorite parts of my study abroad experience!

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