Week 5: Venice

Prior to arriving in Italy, I knew I wanted to go on a weekend trip to Venice. In my opinion, Venice was one of the most beautiful places I visited thus far! From the water canals, there was a nice breeze which felt quite refreshing due to the massive heat wave in Florence. While I did not ride on the popular gondola, my friend’s uncle met up with us and took us on his boat; he gave us a private little tour around the city and brought us to a nice restaurant for lunch. Later on, I went to a few different Murano glass stores and bought my sister some breathtaking jewelry (as well as myself). If I didn’t have to travel on a plane to get home, I would have bought so many items made of glass due to their immense beauty! Before I headed back to the train station, I made a stop at St. Mark’s square to see/walk around in the basilica; this was one of the most stunning churches I have seen since my trip began. While Venice isn’t that large of a place, it is a must-see when visiting Italy!

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