Post 5: Red Lights and Windmills

Hello, this post is a little late as I have been super overwhelmed due to a family issue at home and some devastating news, however, I am back this week with 2 posts to document my two past weekends. Here is the first, and quite frankly my favorite trip, Amsterdam.

Flying to Amsterdam was the only hassle of the whole weekend. Our flights were delayed and we had to sprint to meet our connections. Note to self, never fly Austrian air, the take-offs and landings are brutal. Arriving in Holland was beautiful though. The city of Amsterdam looks like something out of a cartoon. Unlike Tuscany, they eat a whole lot more food there, and a lot more protein, which was much needed as it was similar to my diet at home and my body was suffering eating the Tuscan cuisine daily here, even though it is tasty. That is something I never thought I would feel, but I do miss hamburgers and meats and fries, and American foods. In the Netherlands, their diet is more similar to ours, so keep that in mind if you want to visit. Me and my friends stayed in the heart of the red-light district, and boy was it everything people talk it up to be. It was a crazy experience and I would recommend it to anyone traveling as a must-see stop. The Nightlife was insane, but during the day it was peaceful and calm. We also ventured outside of the red light district into the more suburbian area of Amsterdam where the grass was green and the air was clear. The Ditch people were also more accommodating and welcoming to Americans, which was nice because in Florence they can be quite hostile towards us. It also helps that they speak English. It is practically their second language. Everything about the city felt like home, which I needed because I am severely homesick, so much so I have been depressed most days. This trip brightened me up and saved me. It was fun and fresh. We also visited a local zoo where we saw tons of animals and had a nice time.

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