Post 6: Romantic Weekend Getaway

Hello! This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a little romantic getaway to the Amalfi Coast, Naples, and Pisa! First, we took a 4-hour train ride to Salerno. We had no idea what to expect, but it was one of the most beautiful quaint places I have had the pleasure to visit my whole time in Italy. It does not get much tourism, which was nice because we got to experience the local atmosphere and cuisine, which by the way, is all amazing seafood and sushi. We arrived in Salerno and had to walk to our hotel in the pouring rain, but it was really fun for the two of us as we were laughing the whole time because nothing could ruin our time together. When we got to the hotel room, we were greeted by the nicest Italian man who showed us to our room with a jacuzzi and a sauna, and a beautiful balcony view. It was so nice. We stayed ate a lovely dinner then woke up the next morning and traveled to the beach. The beach was called Crestarella, and it was a small private beach with a lot of chairs and rocks and it was so romantic and beautiful. The water was the perfect temperature, but insanely salty. We stayed and tanned and relaxed for a few hours before hopping on a train to Naples!

We did not stay in Naples for too long, but we did see some cool churches and ate at the first pizza place in Naples. We both got margarita pizzas and they were heavenly! We then headed on a train back to Florence, woke up the next day, and decided to go to Pisa. Pisa was super fun and super quick. We went into the cathedral, took some quirky pictures with the tower, and walked around the nearby city, It was a super easy day, which we needed because we are burnt out from all the walking these past 5 weeks. All in all, it was such a cute successful weekend with the love of my life!

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