London Summer 2022: Pre-Departure

Roughly a week before I depart for London, a long-time dream of mine, I can feel myself hardly able to contain my excitement. I have already started to prepare, as I’ve begun packing and taking care of other business before I leave home for a while. Although I’m feeling excited and eager to venture out into London, I also am nervous and melancholy. I have never set foot outside of the United States before, let alone travel this far without family, which is causing most of my anxiety. The amount of freedom I will have while on this trip is so freeing, yet can be scary too. I am sad to leave family for a month, it worries me how I will react to being away from my loved ones for that long. As I’m mentioning these feelings, it only is to provide the complete and utter truth as to what is normal before one leaves for study-abroad. I know that at the moment I’m feeling these emotions, but the amazing experiences I will encounter while on this trip will put me at ease and make it all worth it.

I’ve already begun to plan out my time in London, starting out with venturing to the castle to witness the infamous emotionless soldiers that stand guard outside. Even though some may not see public transit as an exciting adventure, a train ride is also something I’m looking forward to, especially since it’s used more often in the UK than at home in the US. I am planning on taking a weekend trip to Edinburgh, a 5 hour train ride from London. Seeing the social norm in London is also something I look forward to. What are some differences in the way they interact with one another versus how we interact here in the United States? I’m excited to explore their entire culture, ranging from food (I’m a HUGE fish ‘n chips fan) to streetwear.

I cannot wait to update you all on my settling in London and give my first reaction to such a beautiful and wonderful city.

Jordan 🙂

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