Week 4: Rome

Ciao! While everyone says it is impossible to complete a trip to Rome in one day, I decided to give it a try. After this trip, it is safe for me to say that two or three days spent in Rome would have made my life a lot easier. However, a detailed itinerary and the use of the Metro system saved the day. To begin my trip to Rome, I visited Vatican city where I walked through the marvelous Vatican Museum. The beauty of this museum was one of a kind. My favorite part was the Sistine Chapel; the details of the paintings were out of this world and truly told a story. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed to be taken inside of the chapel, but the image will forever live in my mind. Next, I grabbed lunch and hopped on the train to see the Trevi Fountain. Of course, I threw a coin into the fountain in hopes to return to Rome someday! Last on the agenda was to visit the Colosseum. While on the walk to the Colosseum, I hopped into some cute shops and picked up a few gifts for my friends and family. Once I got to the Colosseum, I bought an audio/video guided tour iPod and walked around; I found the history of this amphitheater to be more interesting than I had originally thought in my history classes! I find it so hard to believe that gladiator combats were socially acceptable back in the day… At the end of my journey, I walked towards the train station and noticed a HUGE pride parade occurring! This was a really interesting, exciting, fun, and unexpected way to end my trip in Rome! Overall, I had an amazing day in Rome and would love to come back someday to finish exploring the city. Remember, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

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