Costa Rica: Week 1

Hola a todos!

As my first week in Costa Rica comes to an end, all I can say is wow. Wow, to all the new people I’ve met, places I’ve been, food I’ve tried, and happiness I’ve found.
From the moment I landed in Costa Rica, I felt a sense of community. My host mom took me in like I was her daughter. She ensured I was comfortable and had plenty of food to eat (I’m never hungry when I’m with her, lol). When I went roller skating and was falling left and right on my butt, everyone was eager to help me up. I even had an older Costa Rican man hold my hand and skate with me.
I can easily say the food I’ve eaten here in Costa Rica is some of the best food I’ve ever had. The flavors blend nicely, and there is always more than enough to eat. I’ve been visiting the local restaurants and drinking all the fresh juice they have. I’m going to have a hard time returning to the United States without all their fruit juices. The guanabana juice is my favorite by far. Also, if you visit Costa Rica, you must stop by Pop’s ice cream, muy delicioso!
I’ve been visiting a public and private schools where I’ve been teaching and observing the students. The students are eager to meet me and ask about the United States. I find the difference in school curriculum between public and private schools fascinating. In public schools, they have to follow MEP standards, whereas, in private schools, they can create their standards. I also visited La Paz Waterfalls, Poas Volcano, and Coffee Planation. It was super rainy the entire time, but I saw some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. 10/10 would recommend visiting.

Hasta luego,
Pura Vida!

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