Post 4: End of an Era into The City of the Sun (and schemes)

This week, I finished my three-week course, the Florence Food, and Culture Experience. I was very sad for this class to end as I learned a lot about Tuscan cuisine and culture, wine tastings, and cooking classic recipes including pasta, sweets, and apertivos. I learned a lot about the Italian culture has helped me adjust to life here, and even gave me some new items to try on menus in trattorias I go to. I also learned properly what trattoria means. My knowledge of foods in this culture has grown, and I am better at pairing dishes with wines now, which comes in handy when I want to enhance a dish. I learned about the history and common practices and it helped me understand the Florentines more. I also took my first exam in my six week course, Law in Business, which was challenging, but I rewarded myself after.

The reward I tried to give myself was a lovely long weekend in Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Only the first half of that reward was actually rewarded, but I’ll let you know why in a minute. Focusing on what was rewarded to me, a beautiful two days exploring Rome and Vatican City. I made my way into the famous colosseum, after almost being scammed by tour people, (long story but don’t trust anyone), made it to the Trevi Fountain to make a wish, saw the Parthenon and explored the Vatican Museum as well as the beautiful artwork of the Sistine Chapel. It was a lovely historical day and a half. The weekend came to an end when we got scammed out of our hotel in Naples, which we were going to stay at one night, head off to Amalfi the next day, but our hotel tried to charge us 600 more euro than we agreed to pay and scammed us out of the spot. It was a very frustrating weekend that ended very early, but I am grateful at least half of it worked out.

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