I’m ready for you, Costa Rica!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jennifer Lukowski, and I am a recipient of the Genshaft/Greenbaum Passport Scholarship. I am going into my senior year at USF as a Physical Education Major.

I am currently sitting in the Orlando International Airport awaiting my Costa Rica Teaching Abroad trip. I feel a whirlwind of emotions right now. I am ecstatic about experiencing a new culture but at the same time nervous. Some nerves might stem from thinking that I am forgetting something. Luckily, I am traveling with my best friend, and we are staying with an incredibly lovely family with two cute dogs. I cannot wait to see the beautiful city, taste the delicious food, and teach the extraordinary children.

As a teacher, I aim to connect with each of my students. Knowing about their culture will help build a relationship with them and their parents. Traveling to Costa Rica will allow me to immerse myself in their culture. Having first-hand experience will benefit me greatly with the connection. I cannot wait to see all that comes from this trip.

I’ll keep you all posted about my trip!

Costa Rica, here I come!

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