Post 4: Finishing up week 3 in Florence

Hi all! Coming at you from my apartment dining room table, and finishing a late dinner of ramen noodles and mini Oreos (a true taste of America). I finished up my class, Tuscany and its Wines, this week and took our final. Taking a final on the aspects of a glass of wine made me realize how much I learned, and I am sad to see the class go. I am finally recovering from whatever virus I had, thank god, and am prepping for a weekend in Venice. I finally feel like I’ve gotten settled here, and can find my way around to many places without a map. I’ve found favorite restaurants and shops, I know where to find a good croissant and cup of gelato. It’s weird, having so much familiarity in such a foreign place. It has been such a gift to have other USF students on this experience with me. Next weekend we’ll be checking out Cinque Terre and doing a boat tour! So, I’ll be knocking some more things off of my Florence bucket list. I also tried the best greek place, Atomic Falafel. I will definitely be a regular there. New phone in 3 days, so more pictures to come!!

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