Post 3: Homesick in Venice

With my second week in Italy coming to a close, it has not been all sunshine and unicorns. I miss home way more than I thought I would. Keeping in contact with family is hard with the time difference, especially since I am in class for 6 hours of the day and then studying and exploring at night. The diet here also has been getting to me. Coming from someone who rarely ate pizza, pasta, and sandwiches at home, the diet here had gotten old real quick. The only thing I haven’t had a problem eating daily is gelato. It isn’t all too bad though the food is tasty, it is just hard when the majority of your diet was chicken and the only place to find chicken at a reasonable price is Mcdonald’s. Cooking has helped somewhat though, but it really is just pasta and carbs. It is really making me appreciate the diverse melting pot that America is.

On a more positive note, Saturday my boyfriend and I took a day trip to Venice. It rained half the day and was extremely windy and cold, but we still ate some great seafood and got to ride a gondola! The touristy island area of Venice is very manageable to do in a day. I did not realize how small it was. The restaurants serve a lot of different seafood variations that I could not find in Florence, such as cuttlefish and calamari. I would recommend Venice to anyone wanting to get away for a day. The train ride was less than three hours.

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