Week 2: Pisa and Chianti

While I was pretty busy with my academics during the week, I took full advantage of my weekend and visited two very different places: Pisa and Chianti. On Friday, which may have been the hottest day since I have been here, I explored Pisa. Seeing the “Leaning Tower of Pisa” has always been on my bucket list; now I can check it off! While we did not walk up the tower, it was a beautiful site to see and I could not believe how much it was actually leaning in person. Additionally, while walking through the town, we saw some stunning cathedrals and other architectures.

On Saturday, my “Food, Health and Wellness in Italy” class took a trip to Chianti to see an olive oil production business. Not only did we get to see all of the machinery and learn about the production process, but we also got to taste 3 different levels of extra-virgin olive oil based on intensity. With the different intensities, we learned about how to pair olive oil with dishes to compliment one another. Visiting Chianti was a breath of fresh air since it was a peaceful, serene countryside whereas Florence is a busy city that never sleeps. If you ever find yourself in Chianti, be sure to take up all of the beautiful scenery! I have an amazing weekend trip planned for next week, any guesses as to where I am going?!

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